Project Delivery

Project Delivery involves taking a lead role within your organization to achieve a given objective.  For example, you may need to implement a compliance program to deal with a new regulation and need a firm to provide a structured approach to achieve this compliance.  In these cases, Orion Solutions Group will develop a detailed project approach including project steps, metrics, status reporting, and quality assurance.  Orion will also provide a project manager and project team consisting of experienced professionals.

In addition to the core competency of recruiting the right talent, Project Delivery also requires project management experience and the ability to clearly define and agree upon project goals and timetables with your organization.  Our team has provided these types of services for more than 20 years to clients ranging from small start-ups to some of the largest corporations in the world.

Orion has delivered successful projects at numerous companies.  Some examples are as follows:
IT Security Program Implementation
Construction Project Review
Internal & IT Audit Co-Sourcing