Professional Search

Our Approach

Some searches require an extra amount or research or networking in order to attract the right person to your organization. In other times, you can easily find “someone to do the job” but wonder – are you truly finding the best person for the organization? At Orion Solutions Group, we seek an understanding your organization, the ideally qualified professional you are seeking, and the factors which A-players want to understand when considering an opportunity with your organization.

What We Really Do

When we conduct searches for clients, our process places emphasis on identifying professionals who will be highly engaged and motivated to perform in the role, in addition to having the talent and skill to do the job. We achieve this by taking the time to understand what is important to candidates on an individual basis before bringing opportunities to them. We believe that if an opportunity truly brings a professional closer to his or her goals, they will be more motivated and will perform more effectively. People of this caliber are usually not active in the market for a new opportunity, but will consider one if approached by someone they trust.


We customize our search plan and service agreements with clients based upon their need. We offer retained search, contingent search, as well as hybrid solutions depending on the nature of the need. We consider the type of activity needed for the search to be successful, and structure the plan to ensure this success. With a good plan in place in alignment with our clients, we relentlessly pursue the best people.

Some examples of our professional placements are listed below:
Leadership Development Program
New Department Recruiting
Internal Audit Team