Internal & IT Audit Co-Sourcing

Our client, a global manufacturing and distribution company, was going through a major transition that involved selling a division and moving their world headquarters. These changes caused a number of employees to seek other employment rather than move which threatened the ability of the internal audit team to complete their schedule and meet there Sarbanes-Oxley deadlines.

Orion brought in a team on internal audit and IT audit consultants on a co-sourced basis. The team consisted of consultants with the experience to act as managers when needed and as staff when direct work needed to be done. At one point Orion consultants represented half of the entire audit team.

The client was able to complete the entire audit schedule and met all Sarbanes-Oxley deadlines. Orion provided a stabilizing presence that allowed for a smooth transition to a new head of audit. In addition, we were able to devise a flexible plan that allowed us to ramp our team up and down as needed to help the client control project costs.